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Pleasing Services

We offer pleasant services that makes our clients look more beautiful and radiant.

Reolla Store

Our store is full of great items provided to make the sun shines through the hair of our customer.

Special Offers

We offer different packages to our esteem customers base on their patronage and relationship over some period.

We Specialize in

Areas we are expertised in

Our specialty can be seen from the array of our product in our store. Our aim is to make our customer look better and comfortable with the kind of style they choose.

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We define our collection through quality goods

Good things mean nothing than good. that is why we will always strife to give the best to our customer and partner through our adorable collections of Hair, from Natural to Synthesis .

Reolla Global redefining collection

  •  100% Natural Hair
  •  Long Lasting and durable
  • Unique in freshness and shininess
  • Quality product
  • Special gifts & offers for you
  •  Well treated Hair
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Full Nourishing Hair

100% treated Hair and Nourishing


It makes the Sun shine through your style


We have 100% natural hair. when we call it natural , It is natural


Nothing uphold confidence than Self-Beauty

Well Trained Professionals

We have well trained staff who are ready to attend to your need.

Quality Service

Our services are made to extreme to certify customer need.

Special Gift Cards & Offers

Special Gift and offer is available to all our loyal customer as part of loyalty plan to our customers