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10 Cosmetology/Related Jobs You Can Get While Still In High School

10 Cosmetology/Related Jobs You Can Get While Still In High School

10 Cosmetology/Related Jobs You Can Get While Still In High School

Whether you’re interested in a full time career or not, there are several cosmetology/related jobs you can get while still in high school.

The most common types of jobs available include, but aren’t limited to:

1. Shampoo person
2. Make-up artist/salon and/or spa assistant
3. Front desk/receptionist
4.  Cleaning and/or maintenance
5.  Retail sales and/or management (when a retail shop is located in the establishment).
6.  Valet/parking attendant/errand handler (may require special driver’s license)
7.  Babysitter (May require back-ground check, minimum age or special insurance).
8.  Personal assistant to salon management or VIP visitors
9.  Social Media assistant (Twitter, Facebook, UTube page management/updates)
10.  Special events co-ordinator/party planner

Types of Cosmetology/Related Jobs Available

Spa Lobby – Front Desk

Available jobs might include a variety of combined duties including, but not limited to:

Performing transactions for client services
Greeting clients with a friendly smile, ushering the client to the proper workstation or treatment room
Keeping the business clean, professional looking and inviting for clients
Selling retail to customers leaving
Serving clients refreshments and beverages and/or fetching their lunches or running errands
Planning special events such as bridal or baby showers, bachelorette parties or similar
Factors Tied To Available Jobs

The types of cosmetology/spa jobs available will depend on the following factors:

1.  The cosmetology and related licensing requirements of the state where you live or wish to work.
Salon/Spa Valet Part Sign – HB Media – All Rights Reserved

Salon/Spa Valet Part Sign – HB Media – All Rights Reserved

Some states may allow unlicensed workers to provide shampoo or similar services (make-up application) in salons, barber shops and/or spas which offer cosmetology related services.

Other states allow shampoo workers but on a limited basis or for a maximum number of months with the idea that some type of cosmetology license will eventually be acquired.

2.  Size of the salon, barber shop, spa or related business.  The larger the establishment, the more job options which will exist.

Large salons and/or spa in large cities may offer every imaginable type of personal services ranging from hair to make-up or body treatments.

In Nigeria there are well-known large spas which provide on-site babysitting services, sell a full range of retail products and offer pick-up and drop-off services.  They also offer custom party planning or special events, personal shopping, concierge and VIP personal assisting.

Small salons or spas will most likely have a limited number of non-stylist positions.  Keep the size of the establishment in mind when you decide what type of jobs you wish to submit your resume to be considered for.
Creating A Hairstyle With Rollers – – All Rights Reserved

Creating A Hairstyle With Rollers – – All Rights Reserved

3.  The amount of time you have available to work each week since many salons and spas are open early or late hours and weekends.

If you can adjust your school schedule to provide early or late available work hours and weekend time, you will be more in demand.

4.  Your flexibility and willingness to be on-call or work during the establishment’s busiest times which are during Holidays.

When you work in a salon, spa or similar establishment it’s very likely you will be most in demand right before and during the Holiday Seasons.

Obviously you will be more valuable to your employer if you can be available during their busiest seasons.
Advantages To Working In Cosmetology/Related Jobs

There are several advantages to working in cosmetology/related jobs while still in high school.

These include, but aren’t limited to:
Laptop, Cellphone & other salon business objects

1.  Working for a solid hourly rate often supplemented by customer tips.

Hourly rates will depend upon the type of position you obtain as well as the size and location of the salon and/or spa.

2.  Becoming acquainted with the salon/spa management, professional staff and customers.

If you decide to pursue a cosmetology or personal care career, working  in a salon or spa allows you to get your foot in the door during high school.

It provides the potential for you to work your way into a full time job with the business after you graduate and receive cosmetology, massage or related training.

Some high schools offer a cosmetology and/or spa training program during high school.

Taking those types of classes while working part time in a salon and/or spa would offer an ideal opportunity to test your interest in a hair, beauty or career in the personal care industry.
Young Woman Taking A Restful Nap At The Spa

Young Woman Taking A Restful Nap At The Spa

3.  Once you get your foot in the door with a part-time  you may even be able to create your own dream job.

Whether you start out at a salon and/or spa as a shampoo or front desk person, you may see a need for other services you could provide.

The original young lady providing shampoo services at a spa in Dallas convinced the owner to allow her to create a Social Media presence for the business.

Her efforts provided measurable results in attracting new clients, booking special events and selling custom retail products.

As a result of her hard work and diligence, she eventually was offered a full time job to manage all marketing, social media and special events for the salon/spa.
Summary – Advantages To Working In Cosmetology/Related Jobs

While you can’t legally perform a hair or related body service on anyone without a license, working in cosmetology/related jobs while in high school can offer a lot of great advantages.

Even if you decide you don’t want to pursue a cosmetology/related career after high school, working part time at a salon and/or spa will give you a birds eye view of the industry so you can make an informed choice.

Another advantage is learning problem solving and good people skills.  These skills are key in just about any type of career, whether hair related or not.

Sales is another skill hair professionals have to develop which part time high school workers can also learn.

Although most salons and spas require a variety of workers, your best chance of getting a part time job will most likely be found in the larger businesses with a lot of services and customers.

The busier the salon or spa, the more likely they will need help at the shampoo bowl, the front desk, with clean-up or in the retail shop.

Is a part time job in the salon or related professional right for everyone?  Obviously not, but it can be a great opportunity for the right person.

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